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The following is a list of Bengal kittens and Bengal cats that are available.
The list may not include all that we currently have available, so please contact us to see what else we might have.

INQUIRES (760)744-7886

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Purrrice and Elsa have bred together and hopefully these two amazing rosetted Bengals will have kittens around April 5th, 2017

(Inquires invited by phone welcomed (760) 744-7886)

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Bengal Kittens San Diego
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( Purrrice X Elsa )



Tina is looking for a forever loving home. She would do best being the only queen of the house.
She is independent but likes to talk on the phone and run on her exercise wheel.

For information on her adoption fee and information please call Sheila (760) 744-7886

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Bengal Kittens San Diego
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Bengal Kitten and Litters Information Below

(Inquires invited by phone (760) 744-7886)

• Inquiries Invited - Please Call (760) 744-7886 • Inquiries Invited - Please Call (760) 744-7886 • Inquiries Invited - Please Call (760) 744-7886 • Inquiries Invited - Please Call (760) 744-7886

No Bengal Kittens available at this time
For adoption fee and information call Sheila (760) 744-7886


Deposits Are Nonrefundable.



Sometimes we have retired cats available that are not listed or pictured.
Please call or e-mail if you are looking for a retired Bengal cat that might be available.


Summermist Bengals has the right to refuse to sell any cat or kitten at anytime and during the negotiation.  Until a written Sales Agreement has been signed by both interested parties, these cats and kittens are the sole property of Summermist Bengals.  DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  They are considered to be a partial payment toward a kitten you have reserved in a litter and assures your place on our waiting list for a kitten.  If the reserved kitten becomes unavailable for sale, your deposit/partial payment will go toward another kitten which may be in the same or a new litter.

Summermist Bengals, Bengal cats, Bengal Kittens for sale.
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Sheila & John Fowler
(760) 744-7886 / Fax (760) 591-9662

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