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Bengal Kittens And Bengal Cats Of Summermist

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Bengal Kittens And Bengal Cats Of Summermist

For the best Bengal kittens for sale and Bengal cats For sale, contact us:

Telephone: (760) 744-7886 
We are located in San Diego County CA


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Our Bengal Cats:
Bengal Cat Elsa
Bengal Cat Purrrice
Bengal Cat Prius
Bengal Cat Rush
Bengal Cat Sheena
Bengal Cat Tina

"Purrrfectly Wild About You!"™

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Bengal Cats - San Diego County Bengal Cat Breeder
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Bengal Cats
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Summermist Bengal Cats was founded by Sheila and John Fowler as a natural progression from their phenomenally successful Summermist Standard Poodles.

We have beautiful Rosetted Bengal Cats and Rosetted Bengal Kittens for sale.

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The Story of Our Bengal Kitten Purrrcy

Bengal Cat

We have shown many beautiful
Supreme Grand Champion Bengal cats, #1 Regional Winner Bengal cats, and other Bengal cat Champions!

Supreme Grand Champion Bengal Cat Perry.
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Bengal Cat
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Summermist Command Purrrformance "Perry"-Supreme Grand Champion Bengal cat. #1 Regional Bengal Cat Winner and the 8th best Bengal Cat in the World!
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Bengal Cat Champion

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Bengal Cat Champion Award
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Triple Grand Champion Bengal Cat Dazzledots Social SuccessHorizontal Rule Image
Champion Bengal Cat Dazzledots Social Success
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Double Grand Champion Bengal Cat DucatiHorizontal Rule Image
Champion Bengal Cat Ducati
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Bengal Cat Winston and Champion Bengal Cat Tina. This picture was placed in Cat Fancy Magazine.
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Champion Bengal Cat Ducati
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Sheila with home bred Champion Bengal Cat Summermist Tina Purrrner.
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Champion Bengal Cat Ducati
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Summermist I Got Sunshine was awarded TICA's Outstanding Bengal Cat Dam Award for producing the most Supreme Grand Champions in a year.
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Since our initiation into Bengal Cats in 2001, Summermist Bengal Cats has come a long way in producing beautiful Rosetted Bengal cats.  So, as we approach another year breeding and showing Bengal Cats and Bengal kittens, we feel it is time to look back on how we did and where we are going.

First, our philosophy in breeding always places our animals first in everything we do.  No show is so important that we risk the health of our Bengal cats or anyone else's to attend.  At home, our Bengal cats always come first for food, cleaning, health, love and attention.  We work closely with Southern California's finest veterinarians to provide our Bengal cats with the finest in health care.  All of our Bengal kittens for sale are checked by our local veterinarian to assure every Bengal kitten has the healthiest of starts with their new owners.

From 2001 to 2005, we learned about raising Bengal Cats, how the show process works and met many new friends and acquaintances.  Along the way we completed the following significant accomplishments:

• Eligible for the TICA Top Producing Dam Award for Summermist Sunshine who produced 7 Supreme Grand Champions in a single year.

• Achievement of Double Grand Champion (DGC) for Belara Ducati of Summermist, "Ducati" in the 2004 show season.

• Achievement of the top Bengal in the Great Lakes Region for   RW SGC Wildlove Quatro Diablo ("Pizza").

• Achievement of Quad Grand Champion for "Pizza".

• Achievement of Supreme Grand Champion for SGC Summermist Command Purrrformance ("Perry").

• Achievement of the 8th Best Bengal in the World for "Perry"

• Achievement of 16th in the Southwest Region for "Perry".

• Achievement of the number two Bengal in the Southwest Region for "Perry".

• Achievement of SGC for "Perry" in seven show weekends within a time span of 5 months from start at 8 months of age to SGC at age 13 months - a very significant achievement indeed!

• On May 29, 2007, Summermist started our newest adventure with the acquisition of Callista Purrriceless of Summermist, "Jewel", our first F1.

These achievements were accompanied by many bumps and potholes in the road to success, but we have persevered to stay on the course of success.

With 38 years of breeding experience, Sheila and John are well qualified to continue learning the genetics and breed type of the Bengal Cat.  Breed type is the description of a breed's distinguishing features - those features that set one breed apart from any other.  To this end, we are still learning and probably will as long as we breed.

We are dedicated to excellence in breeding and showing superb Bengal Cat type and loveable purrrsonalities.

Socialized under foot in our loving home with our Standard Poodles.

Members in good standing with TIBCS and TICA and signatory to TICA's voluntary code of ethics.

With over 50 AKC Standard Poodle champions to their credit (most of them owner bred, trained and shown), the challenges of breeding and showing are well understood.

And finally, we are the breeders of the 2003 Grand Champion Scottsdale Arabian Halter Mare.


The pictures, photographs, Testimonials, descriptions, show wins and wording on this web site are the property of Summermist, Summermist Bengals and Sheila and John Fowler. This property (pictorial and/or wording) is not to be utilized in any other web site or other form of advertising or other business use without the explicit, written consent of Sheila and John Fowler. The creation of the pictures and ideas on this web site are the result of the experience and artistry of Summermist along with the expense of creating and maintaining our web site through Pets4You. We have considerable investment in our web materials and they are the symbol of our creativity and talent. Their unauthorized appearance on other web sites is a violation of copyright law and exhibits the plagiarism that some individuals apparently are willing to exhibit by using the attractiveness of our material to benefit their own ends. We will pursue each case with all legal means available to us to stop the illegal use of our property. Unauthorized usage of our materials will seek fines and advertising fees related to the period of unauthorized use.

Our materials may be available in certain cases by written request only. Any grant of use of our property can only be done by Sheila or John Fowler and credit must be given to Summermist Bengals and John & Sheila Fowler. One must attain written permission signed on a form available only from John or Sheila Fowler.

Deposits Are Nonrefundable.

Summermist Bengals has the right to refuse to sell any Bengal cat or Bengal kitten at anytime and during the negotiation. Until a written Sales Agreement has been signed by both interested parties, these Bengal cats and Bengal kittens are the sole property of Summermist Bengals. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. They are considered to be a partial payment toward a kitten you have reserved in a litter and assures your place on our waiting list for a Bengal kitten. If the reserved Bengal kitten becomes unavailable for sale, your deposit/partial payment will go toward another Bengal kitten which may be in the same or a new litter.

Running Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat is a small cat breed weighing from 7 to 15 pounds. They originate from crossing an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) with a domestic cat such as an Egyptian Mau, Abyssinian or other. The first cross of an ALC with a Bengal is termed an F1. That generation is bred to another Bengal making an F2. The F2’s are crossed with another Bengal making an F3. Up to this point, these “early” generations cannot be shown at The International Cat Association (TICA) shows. However, crossing an F3 with another Bengal produces the F4 generation which is the first generation that may be shown at a TICA show. Most Bengals today are F8 and above resulting in better domestic companions. As for all domestic cat breeds, there is a Breed Standard (a written description) for the Bengal describing the unique features that a Bengal must possess. This Breed Standard is what we use to produce exquisite Bengal Kittens and Bengal Cats.

Summermist™ Bengal Kittens and Cats present unique rosesette patterned Bengals giving both a look of leopard appearance and, occasionally, patterns similar to the Ocelot. The Bengal Kittens and Cats we offer for sale have unique leopard patterns making a household friend with the look of a wild jungle cat. There are many patterns acceptable to the Bengal breed, but Summermist™ specializes in the rossetted patterns for the beauty and imitation of the leopard cat.

Summermist™ has been breeding Arabian Horses and Standard Poodles since 1969 with many world winning champions to our name. We fell in love with Bengal Cats in 2000 and, coupled with our 35 years of breeding experience (45 years of breeding experience today), pursued the genetics, health and style of the Bengal breed. Summermist™ Bengals specializes in Bengal Kittens with stunning rosettes of various styles, such as donut rosettes and large rosettes. Various colors of our beautiful Bengal kittens such as tricolor Bengal coat patterns rosettes can be seen on our web site pages.

Our Bengal cats and Bengal kittens showcased on our pages display Bengal cats of various sizes and shapes, but what they have in common is beauty, great health and that they are all genetic tested. For available kittens/cats, please visit our Bengal kittens for sale page to see what we have available.

Bengal cats for sale range from kittens to adults. Bengal cats for sale are also well socialized with great temperaments. We are competent Bengal breeders as we have been doing this a long time with respect to the breed, standards, and have won many Championships. We are among the top Bengal breeders in the Nation.

We have been breeding the Bengal breed for over 12 years! All our breeding Bengal Cats have been genetically screened for all the available DNA test screens. Further, our cats do not have Giardia, Coccidia, Tritrichomonus, fleas, ear mites or ringworm. Any kitten/cat sold by Summermist™ is guaranteed clear of parasites and disease. Our goal is to provide healthy kittens/cats free of disease with beautiful rosetted patterns. Please view our Bengal cat testimonial and Bengal kitten testimonial pages to see how our happy customers enjoyed the Summermist™ experience.

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